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How to Take Restaurant Reservations With Planyo WordPress

While many businesses have long shied away from making restaurant reservations out of fear that word getting out will cost them money, today’s restaurant business is a different ball game. Businesses large and small are finding out that the old rules of when to make a reservation and who to wait on no longer apply. The days of cold calling and trying to work the crowd into a place are long gone. Thanks to modern technology and new restaurant reservation processing software, more restaurants are taking reservations online and making them available to customers around the clock.

No matter how large or small a restaurant might be, it’s important that all of its guest experience is top-notch. While some restaurants shies away from reservations at all costs, others that take reservations now benefit both the restaurant and its guests by utilizing an updated guest experience booking system. This is particularly true of venues that choose to go with restaurant reservation software as opposed to just using a traditional phone and log in system. Modern restaurant reservation systems offer a myriad of features that make scheduling a table quickly and efficiently as easy as pie.

For example, one of the greatest benefits to today’s restaurants is their ability to quickly post their reservations on their restaurant websites.

  • This includes not only the ability to post general hours so that customers can make their reservations at the right time, but it also allows restaurants to post specials and wait lists in order to maximize profits.
  • In addition, these websites also offer the restaurant a way to interact with customers in a more personal way.
  • By using modern software, restaurant management can offer restaurant reviews, interact with patrons on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and even follow up with guests through email, phone calls, or text messages.

Another way how does restaurant reservation benefit both the restaurant and its guests is through the implementation of a guest management system.

  • A guest management system, also known as a restaurant point of sale system, is a website that allows restaurant customers to make their reservations, view their restaurant inventory, and to keep track of their dining experiences. The benefits to the restaurant are numerous.
    • First, through the use of a reservation system, customers are able to quickly and easily make their reservations.
    • Second, through the use of a booking system, restaurant management is able to effectively manage their restaurant inventory, which minimizes the need for additional staff.

Lastly, another way how does restaurant reservation benefit both the restaurant and its guests is through the implementation of a restaurant like eat app.

  • This restaurant like app allows restaurant guests to book online using their credit cards, and allows restaurant owners to use the payment system like Pay pal.
  • In addition, many restaurants have integrated this same restaurant like eat app with their reservation systems to allow restaurant guests to pre-book their experience, which has the effect of reducing wait times for their guests.

These are just three ways how does restaurant reservation benefit both the restaurant and its customers. Of course, these benefits are possible only if the restaurant utilizes restaurant reservation management software in their restaurant. Without a restaurant reservation management software, some restaurant owners may not be aware of how many tables they have, how many employees they have, or how many places they might have at a restaurant.

Ultimately, it is important that the restaurant have restaurant reservation management software because it gives restaurant owners valuable information about their restaurant. In addition, restaurant reservation management software is used by restaurant staff so they know how well the restaurant is performing, what is working well, and what is not.

Through restaurant reservation management software, restaurant staff can also optimize the guest experience by making sure that all of their needs are met, and they have the resources to make sure that each guest is completely satisfied.


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